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sargent_snarky's Journal

Sargent Snarky
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I enjoy writing quite a bit, though I usually never finish anything I start writing because I get distracted entirely too easily. Most of my entries are friends-only, though, as I ramble about various things in my life. However, I also will post bits of fanfiction here as well as the occasional amusing thing of... weirdness.

There are many fandoms in which I'm interested, though many of them I tend to only be interested in for a relatively short length of time before getting my fill and moving on, only to occasionally return to them in fits of nostalgia, etc. And also some things I like are just so obscure that there isn't really a fandom to get involved with, like, oh... any of Edith Nesbits books, for example.

However, I do have a few permanent obsessions, and they are: The Dark is Rising Sequence, the Silmarillion (well, and the Lord of the Rings, too, but the rather bloody and tragic histories told in Silm always interested me more...), Persona 3, Mononoke, and Final Fantasy IV.

Oh, and dragons... of pretty much any sort. I collect dragon-related things (figurines and stuffed animals, mostly), and I read a lot of dragon-related books. =)

THIS JOURNAL IS NOW (partially) F-LOCKED, but please don't hesitate to send me a message if you want to be added. ^__^ I'm pretty friendly, and though sometimes I bite, I don't usually bite hard enough to draw blood. ;)